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Follow the directions carefully. Ads run for four weeks. Your ad must be placed by midnight Wednesday to appear in the Thursday email edition. The site is self-service. If you decide to renew an ad, there is a link for that on the website. If you need to correct an ad, there is also a link for that.

Only Visa, MasterCard and Discover CREDIT CARDS are accepted. Debit and Check cards will not work.

Step 1: Fill out the information below
Part A: Identifying Information

These first three pieces of information will not appear in your ad.  It is important to know who is placing the ad and how to contact you to send you a renewal notice when the ad is about to expire.  This e-mail address will also be your password in case you need to change your ad.  Be sure to give the full e-mail address.

Full Name:

CHECK HERE if you want to subscribe this email address so that you get the newsletter weekly by email. If the email address is already on the subscriber list, you will not get two emails, so if in doubt, check the circle.

Part B: The Ad Itself

Zip Code:
(5 digit zip where your office for rent, group or workshop is located. This will appear at the very beginning of your ad. This is not required, but if you don't enter a zip code, your ad will appear after all others in its category.)

Click the circle on the classified category for your ad:

Continuing Education, Meetings, Seminars, Workshops
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Offices Wanted
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If you want an e-mail address or a web site address to appear in your ad,  type it in the appropriate box below.  This does not count against the number of keystrokes allowed in your ad.  It is important to put the e-mail address and/or web address in these boxes, so that they will appear as active links on the website.

EMail (Appears at the end of your ad):

Web Site Address (Also appears at the end of your ad):


Type your ad in the box below.  Do not copy the text from your word processor because it will have hidden formatting that will show up as bizarre punctuation marks. Please note that excess spaces, line returns and blank lines will not appear in your ad.  The whole ad will be in one paragraph, so do not use the "return" key.  Remember to put a phone number in the ad, so that readers know how to contact you.  DO NOT USE ALL CAPITALS IN YOUR AD; INTERNET ETIQUETTE CONSIDERS THIS "SHOUTING" AND IT IS VIEWED AS RUDE!

Type your ad here (all ads run for four weeks, $15  for 1 to 200 keystrokes, $30  for 201 to 600, $45 for 601 to 1000 keystrokes):


If you have an office for rent, please be sure to specify your local region below.  This will appear at the beginning of your ad at no extra cost. 

Note: I reserve the right to remove any ad I feel is unacceptable.

No specific region (All Areas)
San Francisco Bay Area and North Coast:
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Central Coastal Areas:
San Luis Obispo
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Southern California Coastal Areas:
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego

Now click ONCE on the review button below.  If you get an error message, please send an email to  In your e-mail, explain what error message you got.   It is very difficult to improve the site without knowing the error messages.  All ads run for four weeks.  You may cancel an ad before the end of its four week run, but there are no refunds once the ad is placed.

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