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Continuing Education, Groups for Therapists, Meetings, Seminars, Workshops

ATTACHMENT BASED - COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL SYSTEMIC THERAPY SUMMER INTENSIVE - July 29th-August 2nd in San Francisco. In this summer intensive, licensed and student therapists will learn to integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, and Evolving Structural Strategic Family Therapy, Creative Techniques in Child Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, as well as Assessment and Treatment of ADHD. Sign Up For One Workshop or All Seven. For more information click here:    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

INTEGRATIVE COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY- with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D. July 29th, 2019,10am - 5pm.Significant empirical research has demonstrated its effectiveness with issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, phobias, panic disorder, OCD, ADHD, and other issues. This theory behind CBT provides a structure for a number of interventions culled from a variety of theoretical sources, which include DBT, Schema Therapy, ACT, Prolonged Exposure, Exposure with Response Prevention, EMDR, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and others.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

INTEGRATIVE EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED COUPLES (EFT) THERAPY with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D - Friday July 30th 2019, 10:00am to 5:00pm. Using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) as a theoretical basis, Dr. Keith Sutton will discuss how to integrate techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Gottman Method Couples Therapy when working with individual issues in a couples context such as ADHD, OCD, panic disorder, and trauma.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

AN INTRODUCTION TO EYE MOVEMENT DESENSITIZATION REPROCESSING (EMDR) with W. Keith Sutton,Psy.D. August 1st 2019, 10am-730pm, San Francisco. In this workshop, therapists will be introduced to the theory and technique of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and will have a chance to practice EMDR. Dr. Sutton will present the protocol for EMDR with trauma, as well as incorporating EMDR in everyday practice with nontrauma clients.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

AN INTRODUCTION TO MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING - with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D. August 2nd 2019, San Francisco. Motivational interviewing has been found to be an effective approach to treating alcohol and substance abuse disorders and many other mental health and physical health problems. This workshop will review the Stages of Change and introduce the spirit, principles, and strategies of the Motivational Interviewing method.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

CREATIVE TECHNIQUES IN CHILD THERAPY with Davida Cohen, MFT. August 2nd 2019, 10am-12pm, San Francisco. We will first cover how to engage children's natural energy and willingness to participate through play, metaphor and creativity. With the use of story, games, art, questions, puppets and magic we can help children and their parents confront depression, anxiety, stealing, lying and problems common to childhood. These tools can be applied in more complex problems such as trauma. The class will be active, participatory, and also include video of sessions    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT OF ADHD IN ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS - with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D. August 2nd 2019, 3:30pm - 5:30pm, San Francisco. In this workshop, we will review how to assess and diagnose ADHD in adults and adolescents, how to treat ADHD in adults and adolescents using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, review an evidence based treatment for adults with ADHD, understand how ADHD affects family and couples relationships, and discuss the art of working with adults and adolescents with ADHD.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

EVOLVING STRUCTURAL-STRATEGIC FAMILY THERAPY (ESSFT) for Adolescents Training with James Keim, LCSW, and W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D. July 31st 2019, 10am to 5pm. Evolving Structural-Strategic Family Therapy provides a four step treatment approach that is a clear roadmap for working with families. ESSFT utilizes theories and techniques from Structural Family Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Behavioral Family Therapy, Attachment Based Family Therapy, Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

DIGITAL SCREEN-USE AND HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT, by Jason Brand, LCSW. As screen-use becomes more common, our culture increasingly normalizes the idea that while brains and bodies are developing, they will also busy sending, receiving, downloading and uploading. This raises big questions about what we truly value in family life and makes it difficult for parents and therapists to know how to best support the social, emotional and physiological needs of kids when so much of attention and exploration is directed toward the digital realm. 3 CE credits for Psychologists, LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs. Caregivers welcome. All proceeds from the event will benefit Bay Area Psychotherapy Institute (BAPTI). To learn more about us, visit On 6/6/19, 9am-12pm at Lafayette Library. See the registration link for more info.    (Ad expires:  Sunday, June 2nd 2019)

EFT Training. Would you like to learn how to use EFT/Tapping in a small group where we can focus on how you would use EFT as well as the best ways to integrate it into your practice? The 3 day class meets the EFT International (formerly AAMET) standards for Level 1 and 2 training. 18 CEs pending. Class includes lots of demos and practice time. Dr. Minewiser has been training EFT for over 10 years. June 13-15 in West Sacramento. $700.00 includes the three day training plus pre and post class online sessions. Early registration by June 1 $650.00. Lorna Minewiser, PhD 916-204-5974    (Ad expires:  Thursday, June 6th 2019)

USING ACT TO EMPOWER WOMEN. Are silenced or not believed when you or your clients do speak up about your experience as a woman? Do you feel a near-constant sense of responsibility for others' emotions and needs, or that you are expected to do more than male counterparts at home or at work? If you are encountering these experiences, you are not alone. Across the board, women are at a higher risk for mental health problems, and endure disproportionate violence, income inequality, and subordinate social status-and these disparities increase when considering intersectional identities such as race or sexuality. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is uniquely suited to help unlearn the toxic messages we've all been taught from birth about gender. Explore the learning processes that promote disempowerment and discover how the processes in ACT can assist you and your clients in the rise to equality, dignity, and empowerment. 20 CE/CME credits. SEPTEMBER 6-8, 2019 " SEATTLE, WA    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 11th 2019)

Brainspotting Phase 1 Training with Lisa Larson, LMFT and Founder of Pacific Counseling & Trauma Center. Pleasant Hill - May 31 - June 2, Reno, NV - June 7 - 9, El Dorado Hills, CA - November 3 - 5. Brainspotting offers people the opportunity to receive immediate and long-lasting relief from trauma, PTSD, accidents, anxiety, depression, sports performance challenges, chronic illness, OCD, grief as well as relationship issues and beliefs which have a negative impact on their lives. It simultaneously helps them connect to internal resources, talents and life skills. Who can take Brainspotting? This training is available to all counselors, social workers, psychologists, addiction counselors and others in the healing professions with strong clinical backgrounds, as well as students and interns who desire to expand their knowledge. Brainspotting is becoming one of the most sought after therapeutic modalities and is a great practice builder. 21 CEU's are available.    (Ad expires:  Friday, June 14th 2019)

TREATING TRAUMA WITH ACT: REVITALIZING INTERRUPTED LIVES. 12 CE/CME Credits. Many clients who experience trauma attempt to recover by trying to regain control over distressing responses to intrusive thoughts and ongoing feelings of fear and sadness. Attempts to avoid emotions and thoughts such as these can result in a furthering of suffering. As an antidote to avoidance, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) seeks to reduce rigid attempts to control negative emotions by fostering acceptance through mindfulness and defusion techniques. ACT revitalizes client lives by defining personal values and committing to taking actions guided by those values, and supports clients in recovery through increasing psychological and behavioral flexibility in the service of a more workable life. In this interactive, live online course, discover the intricacies of applying ACT to trauma, and learn how to use ACT to complement other trauma treatments. 6-SESSION LIVE ONLINE COURSE. STARTS JULY 12.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 19th 2019)

HIGH-SPEED TREATMENT OF DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY DISORDERS: A Four-Day TEAM-CBT Advanced Intensive. 32 CE/CME Credits. If you have ever dreamed of bringing extremely rapid healing to your patients, this is a workshop you won't want to miss. David Burns, MD, will explore TEAM-CBT: a powerful new treatment approach that can produce lasting changes in severe depression and anxiety. Lectures and demonstrations by a master therapist followed by the opportunity to practice the techniques with your colleagues will leave you with a deeper, richer appreciation of the practice of psychotherapy as well as a variety of tools you'll be able to apply right away to your work. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to do your own personal work during the workshop so you can experience greater self-esteem and joy in your professional work and in your personal life. Jul. 29-Aug. 1. REGISTER BY JUNE 17 TO SAVE $100.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 19th 2019)

Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy (SART)™ NEW RATE FOR NONPROFIT--$345 --3-Day Intensive Workshop --21 CEUs --Practitioner's Training Certification. LIMITED SEATING. REGISTER NOW.    (Ad expires:  Sunday, June 30th 2019)

ONLINE COURSES to MEET SUPERVISION & LAW/ETHICS BBS REQUIREMENTS. Approved for CAMFT CERTIFIED SUPERVISOR PROGRAM Part I,III. May be applied to EITHER Law/Ethics OR Supervision requirements--Culturally Relevant Supervision:Ethical Practice 6CEU $62, Self-disclosures & Supervision:Ethical Considerations 6CEU $62 and Law, Ethics & Supervision: The Use of Authority 6CEU $62. Meets the BBS Supervision requirement-Clinical Supervision Basics:Obstacles to Learning & Teaching 6CEU $62 and 5 Ways to Expand the Clinical Dialogue in Therapy & Supervision 6CEU $62 Ricki Boden LCSW, LMFT CEP#56659    (Ad expires:  Sunday, September 1st 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Cultivating Empowerment: Preventing Suicide in the LGBTQ+ Community using Affirmative Therapy (6-Hours) With a suicide death every 11 minutes and over a million attempts every year, suicide impacts every community. This is especially true for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning communities. Join us on June 1st at Alliant International University 230 W. El Camino Ave, suite 200 in Sacramento. In partnership with the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association, this 6 hour training will prepare participants on how to integrate Affirmative Therapy values with suicide prevention interventions to help work more effectively with LGBTQ+ clients to increase protective factors while decreasing suicide risk and death. This training satisfies the suicide prevention requirement for psychologists. Register at and save on early registration by May 18th.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

Educational, Self-Help and Therapy Groups for Patients

(Please note: Group leaders may or may not be state-licensed therapists. If you are seeking a group run by a state-licensed therapist you should request the facilitator's license number and check it out through the licensing board.)

Sac/N.Inland: LifeSTAR Sacramento is the region's only out-patient treatment program for individuals/couples adversely affected by compulsive sexual behaviors and partner betrayal trauma. Our next weekend workshop starts June 21-22. Phase 1 is a jump start into treatment or a turbo-boost for your current clients in recovery. Benefits are support, education and a time-tested, structured recovery road map for sobriety and relational stabilization. LifeSTAR implements an integrative treatment model which includes Lifestar workbooks with emphasis on CBT, Attachment, Carnes 30 Tasks, Shame Reduction, Mindfulness,and Neuroscience. We also offer a "Taming Triggers" Partner Support group that is open and on-going. To refer a client or seek case consultation contact Leslie Haws,LMFT,CSAT,CMAT, Clinical Director at (916)728-5433. Email at Visit our website for more information at See our Facebook for resources and info at    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, May 28th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Hearts and Hands Counseling currently has immediate openings in our Sunday and Monday Women's Groups. Please call Heather at 530-830-2241 for more information or to arrange an intake appointment. We are also currently accepting deposits for our 6-week Couples Workshop, which is held on Monday evenings from 6pm - 7:30pm starting June 17th. This workshop is a small group format (no more than 4 couples), developed for couples of all types, and covers communication, personality types, love languages and more! The cost is $40 per couple per week. Please call 916-676-3548 for more information.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 11th 2019)

For Sale

For Sale: Watch,Wait and Wonder toys for an infant/child led psychotherapeutic technique developed by Murek Lojkasek, PhDlk., C.Psych for children suffering from attachment disorder, enhance parental sensitivity and responsiveness, the child's sense of self and self-efficacy and emotional regulation. There are 5 bins of toys, all in great shape. $200. Contact Teena Hosey LCSW at if you are interested and would like to see them.       (Ad expires:  Monday, May 27th 2019)

Offices For Rent

San Francisco. Sunset District/ 946 Irving lrge office, in tx's office building. Nr.UC/N-Judah. Avail. Mon, Fri, Sat. $220 p/d p/mo.w mult day reduct. Also Wed,Thur eves Allan Pleaner #415-218-4653       (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 18th 2019)

E.Bay: Share my elegant, warmly furnished office in an integrative wellness suite. The office has a large waiting area, kitchenette, high speed WiFi, and elevator access. Enough space to run a small group. One block from Lake Merritt in Adams Point, Oakland. Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; we can also negotiate some floating hours. Weekdays $250, weekend days $200. Call Laura at 510.910/1472    (Ad expires:  Monday, May 27th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Attractive, furnished Fair Oaks office. Lovely view, ample parking, large office and waiting room. Available 2-3 days a week at $150 per day. Contact Ellie Zacks, PhD at 916-863-1790.    (Ad expires:  Monday, May 27th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Midtown Sacramento sublet available in Sunny upstairs office. Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun $150 for one day for the month, with discounts for multiple days. Code secure entry and free Wi-fi. Email for more.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, May 28th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Folsom Established location on Folsom Bl. Upscale prof bus park. Light rail nearby. Offices feature windows, deluxe soundproofing with private entrance, private bathroom, break room/kitchenette, storage, encrypted wifi, fax, copier. All utilities paid. Take advantage of the goodwill our group has established. Rent $700 to $1000/mo. depending on office size and lease term. 3 and 5-year leases available 1 July. Contact Katherine at       (Ad expires:  Wednesday, May 29th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: SPACIOUS, LIGHT, BEAUTIFUL 2nd floor office in historic building, EAST SAC, near McKinley Park! Warm, easy-going, professional environment. Wifi, kitchen. Avail. June 1st. $550/mon. Susan 916-230-7192       (Ad expires:  Wednesday, May 29th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: ROSEVILLE: Our suite has 4 offices subleased to private therapists and 1 of these offices has become available for rent! Beautiful views, unfurnished, quiet, private office sized 10 x 13 available for rent full time. (Sharing/Subleasing with permission, contact owner for more info.) Available May 1, 2019. Rent is $575 per month, security deposit $575. 6 or 12-month lease. Space has window views of nature and creek that are behind the building. Rent includes a beautifully redecorated space with a fully furnished lobby for waiting patients, including a TV with Roku apps for waiting family members. We offer a private digital door code from the lobby to the interior office space. Utilities, shared kitchen and restroom, and printer/copier for therapist use. (Wifi/ethernet is available at no charge). Conveniently located with easy access to space off of I-80 and Douglas. Please contact for pictures or other information.    (Ad expires:  Monday, June 10th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Folsom- I have 2 beautiful rooms available to rent in Folsom. One is large, with 3 giant windows and the other is smaller with one giant window. Both are fully furnished and decorated. Rent for each is $550 and $450. You'll be sharing the kitchen with myself, a wonderful set of massage therapists and other healing psychotherapists. Water, coffee and tea service, utilities and wi-fi included! Available now, please message me via text at 916-955-7244 or email me.       (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 11th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Lovely office to sublet on University Ave. in Sacramento. Office is located in a suite of 4 therapy offices, all adult practices. Environment is quiet, professional, and friendly. Office is furnished and beautiful-with window! Looking to sublet Wednesdays and Thursdays. $300 a month (for two days a week), includes water, internet, and use of waiting room and extra conference room/lounge area. Adult practice only, please.       (Ad expires:  Friday, June 14th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: GRAND OPENING 2nd New site opens June in Roseville. 11 offices 2nd floor tree-lined windows. Covered FREE parking, utilities/WIFI. 30 day terms Full-time/Part-time/$20 Hourly. Options 4 ADA compliance    (Ad expires:  Sunday, June 16th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Warm & inviting furnished office space for sublet full time. $650 per month. Includes secured wifi, digital door code, cleaning, utilities, ADA compliance, restrooms, private waiting room shared with one other office, in a quite office park, and access to HW-80 and pub. trans. 3750 Auburn Blvd, Suite C, Sacramento, near Watt & Auburn Blvd. Room is 10 x 13. Other furnished space available M-TH 8-5 for $150 per day.Must carry own liability insurance and possess a business licence. Please contact Stephanie at 916-677-7722 or    (Ad expires:  Thursday, June 20th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: I have 18 private offices dedicated to therapists in two locations in Sacramento down town area. With ever changing needs, I usually have one or two available. Some full ADA compliant, others on second floor.offices fully serviced. SORRY none available currently. Call Jim 916-443-7856 OR 916-531-2801.       (Ad expires:  Wednesday, October 30th 2019)

SanFrancisco: Office sublet available for full and half days. The office is fully furnished and located on the first floor (handicap accessible) of a professional office building located in Lower Pacific Heights area in San Francisco. There is adequate seating for seeing individuals and/or couples. The office building has a waiting room, lounge, and bathroom. Free and metered street parking is available and nearby parking garages in the lower Pacific Heights area. There is also easy access to Muni bus lines and is nearby retail stores, cafes, and eateries. The office is available as soon as possible. Flexible availability for an office tour. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (full day or half day) Full-day rate 7am to 9pm at $200/month Half-day rate 7am to 3pm at $125/month Saturday or Sunday full day at $200/month Rent includes utilities and housekeeping Office is not suitable for families, children, or groups       (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 30th 2019)

SanFrancisco: Psychotherapy space available in beautiful secure historic bldg. Financial Dist. Full day Wed/Fri. Mornings Mon, Tues, Thursday. Evening blocks and weekends available in two offices. Bldg open 365 days and well-maintained. Access to public transportation/garage in bldg. Contact Dr. Carrin. (415)773-2033   http://S. June Carrin, PhD, RN, MFT    (Ad expires:  Friday, May 31st 2019)

Offices Wanted

Sac/N.Inland: Seeking a shared/part-time therapy space in the Roseville or Folsom area to rent weekends. Ideal space would be in a very quiet and clean place.       (Ad expires:  Sunday, June 9th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Seeking office Suite in Mid-Town containing 3 psychotherapy offices with windows, a common waiting room, and reception area/business medical record space. WiFi required, sound proofing preferred, not required. Wheelchair accessible preferred. Ideal location is McKinley Park/Sutter Middle School area. Please call or email Stewart at or call or text 916-479-5047       (Ad expires:  Saturday, June 22nd 2019)

Other Services/Miscellaneous

THERE ARE STILL SEATS LEFT! The Anxiety Treatment Center & OCD Sacramento are honored to host "Lose the Mask," presented by Corey Hirsh. He will share his personal story of living with and hiding his OCD while trying to play professional hockey in the NHL. He will talk about how the fear of stigma prevented him from seeking help sooner and what he does personally to keep his mental health in check. As a former National Hockey League goaltender, Corey had a professional hockey career which spanned 13 yrs. During his career, Corey was plagued with debilitating panic attacks and obsessive thoughts. Corey continues to be an outspoken advocate traveling across the Country sharing how he turned adversity into advocacy. May 31, 2019 from 1-3pm; 10419 Old Placerville Road, Suite 258, Sacramento, CA 95827; Cost: $30.00 (Proceeds support OCD Sacramento) Seating is limited. RSVP: Dr. Robin Zasio, Psy.D, LCSW at 916.366.0647 or email.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 12th 2019)

DON'T WAIT! REGISTER TODAY AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! OCD Sacramento is proud to host our 2019 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk at The State Capitol Park. Our Grand Marshall Corey Hirsch, former NHL Goaltender, will travel from Vancouver to kick off our walk with a heartfelt story about how panic attacks and OCD debilitated him and subsequently his career. He has since dedicated himself to ending the stigma of mental health. The 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk is a global movement to raise awareness for OCD and related disorders, while providing a platform for community members to come together to support each other and raise funds for the important work of the International OCD Foundation and its local Affiliates.Don't wait~ register today! For more information, contact Dr.Robin Zasio @ 916.366.0647. Bring your friends, family, and pooches to this once a year awareness raising event! 8:30am-12:00pm    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 12th 2019)

Intensive In-Home Family Treatment (IIFT), is a new family centered, innovative home-based treatment model for high conflict families designed to stabilize a child or adolescent in the home without the need for hospitalization or residential care. IIFT is also appropriate when traditional outpatient therapy has not been able to effect positive change. The model is based in part on a Wraparound platform but with a number of unique, highly effective enhancements not found anywhere else including a novel use of in-home cameras that allows for 24/7 intervention and real time coaching. For more information or to refer a family to IIFT, please visit and to view a short video of an overview of IIFT, please visit: or    (Ad expires:  Thursday, June 20th 2019)

Positions Available

EMDR/Brainspotting Training Preferred Title: Marriage & Family Therapist Intern reg. with the CA BBS. Hours: 20 client contact hrs weekly, additional hrs rqd for cmty outreach and admin duties. Duties: provide individual, family, and group services under the clinical director, and coordinate case management activities in ordinance to provided guidelines. Patient populations: child, family, couples, disabled, and elders. Req: reg. CA BBS, grad from an accredited program, working towards licensure hours, 1 yr exp. in mental health field, 1 yr exp. as mental health therapist while enrolled in graduate program, and having a flexible schedule. Please send CV to email listed. Contact Leona Kashersky, Psy.D.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, May 28th 2019)

EMDR/Brainspotting Training Preferred Title: Pre & Post-Doctoral level Psych. Asst. reg. with the CA BOP Hours: 20 client contact hrs weekly, additional hrs rqd for cmty outreach and admin duties. Duties: provide individual, family, and group services under the clinical director, and coordinate case management activities in ordinance to provided guidelines. Psych. fellows will be expected to perform some psych. evaluations. Patient populations: child, family, couples, disabled, and elders. Req: reg. Psych. Asst. with the CA BOP, grad from an accredited program, working towards licensure hours, 2 yrs exp. in mental health field, 1 year exp. as mental health therapist while enrolled in graduate program, and having a flexible schedule. Please send CV to email listed. Contact Leona Kashersky, Psy.D.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, May 28th 2019)

Seeking skilled EMDR therapist for contractual position in Bellevue, WA 1-3 days a week. Need to also be skilled in working with ego states, experienced with ADHD and open to working with neurofeedback. Please send resume to If you have questions, you may text me at 206-735-2368.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 5th 2019)

Oakes Children's Center is a school-based mental health agency that provides education and mental health services to youth with emotional and/or developmental challenges and their families. Our programs include a Counseling Enriched Educational Program (or CEEP), School-Based Partnership, Outpatient Therapy, and Clinical Training. The QA Coordinator will work with the Clinical and Management Teams to maintain quality improvement that connects practice, training, and outcomes in support of our goals. Licensure as LCSW, LMFT, PsyD, or PhD required. See website link for full description.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 18th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Looking for an LCSW or MFT to cover my internship training practice for two weeks during my vacation. This would require availability by phone and possible individual supervision and one two hour group supervision at my office. Must be an LCSW or MFT that has been practicing for over two years and have taken the Board of Behavioral Sciences required supervision course. Payment amount is negotiable. I work in the 95827 zip code off of Bradshaw. My vacation will begin on June 11, 2019 and I will return on June 24, 2019. Jeanette Salinas, LCSW LCS 9568. I can be contacted at 530-363-6046       (Ad expires:  Friday, May 31st 2019)

Practice Announcements

Sac/N.Inland: Hearts and Hands Counseling has immediate openings for individual, couple and family counseling. We work with children and adults of all ages, and have appointments available seven days a week, with evening hours available. Our sliding scale makes counseling affordable for people at all income levels! If you have clients who need low-cost counseling options, please think of us! 916-676-3548    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 11th 2019)

Sac/N.Inland: Sacramento (Midtown) New practice with seasoned therapist specializing in Existential-Humanistic therapy. Great referrals include individuals and couples experiencing Existential crises, major life transitions, communication challenges, seeking more meaning, contentment and joy in their lives. Office located in Midtown/East Sac border, more information can be found on my website,    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 12th 2019)

Services Wanted